The Miracle of Father Kapaun

This play was written in collaboration with the Vagabond Players with exclusive access to records by award-winning journalist Roy Wenzl of the Wichita Eagle. His series and this script dramatize the true story of Kansas priest Emil Kapaun, whose acts of courage and compassion during his incarceration as a Korean prisoner of war in the 1950s saved hundreds of lives and earned the decades-long devotion, long after his death in prison, of his fellow soldiers, who have lobbied for half a century for him to receive a Purple Heart and a formal status of sainthood. But the heart of his story begins 50 years later, when Chase Kear, a young man in a small Kansas town, falls to what should have been certain death. His family and entire home town prayed to Father Kapaun. What happened next is the story of The Miracle of Father Kapaun. Availability pending permission from the Wichita Eagle. Five actors (3 men, 2 women).